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A tale as old as the web
22 January 2023

Review: Crosscall CORE-Z5
A review of Crosscall's most recent rugged device
18 January 2023

Claws Mail
An email client that keeps things light and straightforward
6 January 2023

Adding Featured Images to My Hugo Blog
(the thing where you see a picture on social media, you know?)
2 January 2023

Using Bitwarden CLI to Create Login Items
A quick guide, and a reminder to myself
1 January 2023 Updated: 2 January 2023

2022 in Review
A brief look at the year in entertainment and news
1 January 2023

Coolpad Cool S
A phone I did not buy
30 November 2022

A write-up on a French phone-maker that I've ignored for too long
27 November 2022 Updated: 2 January 2023

A New Phone, or, Overthinking Future Purchases
finding my forever phone before my current phone kicks the bucket
17 November 2022

I have a PineTime
...and learned a thing or two
21 October 2022

Time Well Wasted
Post-Summer Update
1 September 2022

We Have a Winner
A Short Story
12 July 2022

A Short Story
2 July 2022

sort of a poem
13 June 2022

Children's Cartoons
grab a bowl of cereal, it's time to talk toons
25 May 2022

In Search of Digital Natives
Where are you all hiding?
7 May 2022

I like E-books
No, seriously. I do.
20 April 2022

Low Friction Introduction to Digital Privacy
A guide for absolute beginners
24 March 2022 Updated: 28 December 2022

That Rabbit is Back
Yet another tale about clicking on things for no reason, and privacy
10 March 2022

Switching Desktops
Rediscovering KDE Plasma
9 March 2022 Updated: 28 December 2022

A Quick Look at Distro Rankings
A Comparison of Different Ranking Methods
5 March 2022

The Joys of Being a Beginner
I could do this all day
22 February 2022

Learning about the Lottery
I never understood why people play the same numbers every week
6 February 2022 Updated: 24 March 2022

A Month of Python
Learning something new, a handful of hours each week
22 January 2022

Computer Know-how
I ain't no slouch, but I have work to do.
13 January 2022

a roundup of successes and failures
31 December 2021

Making my CV with Markdown didn't turn out as expected...
...but, I did end up with a CV at the end.
19 December 2021

A short story
10 December 2021

Using Markdown and Pandoc to make a simple invoice
First attempt at making an invoice with Markdown. It won't save you any time, but it's a start!
23 November 2021

The Eco-Concious Tech Sham
Greenwashing, e-waste, and icebergs
20 November 2021

The Brutal New Worlds of Alain Damasio
The French author who sees the future. Spoiler: it isn't awesome.
13 November 2021 Updated: 18 June 2022

Technology, Ecology, and Whales
Can we use NLP to decode whale chatter? Will we become more interested in ecology by doing so?
29 April 2021

The Privacy-Security Rabbit Hole
A Tale Absent of Advice, Facts, Research, and Best Practices
26 April 2021

Linux Users Like Lovely Logos
So many distros, so many logos; do they mean anything?
26 March 2021

The Show Must Go On: Making Slides with Markdown and Pandoc
There is more to presentations than PowerPoint and Keynote.
4 March 2021 Updated: 28 December 2022

Tips for Students: Report Writing
A primer for writing simple reports.
21 February 2021

Listicle: Documentaries, Films, And Series About Information Technology And Its Influence On Humanity
A primer for people interested in how IT affects us.
11 February 2021 Updated: 12 July 2022

Listicle: An Annotated List of Science-Fiction Books
A Sci-fi primer for dystopia.
10 February 2021

Tips for Students: The Browser
Hint: don't open 100 tabs.
28 January 2021

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