Update: Punkt MP02

A quick note on changes to the device

Posted: 2021-11-12
Updated: 2024-04-14
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In April 2021, I wrote a quick review of a telephone, the Punkt. MP02. This is an update to that review.

What’s new…

Since my last post on this device, an update has been pushed. I didn’t really bother to look under the hood until today to see what’s going on.

…under the hood?

In April, when I checked the number of installed packages, there were 94 installed (not counting the Signal clone, Pigeon). I made a point of noting that:

As we could have guessed, it is close-to-stock Android with the necessary Qualcomm bits, a couple Punkt. apps, a single BlackBerry app, and some “who knows?”

Punkt. has since debloated the device, reducing the number of installed packages to 79.

android.ext.services (ExtServices.apk)
android.ext.shared (ExtShared.apk)
ch.punkt.mp02.appmgr (AppManager.apk)
ch.punkt.mp02.calendar (PunktCalendar.apk)
ch.punkt.mp02.personalise (base.apk)
com.android.backupconfirm (BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk)
com.android.bluetooth (Bluetooth.apk)
com.android.bluetoothmidiservice (BluetoothMidiService.apk)
com.android.calculator2 (ExactCalculator.apk)
com.android.carrierconfig (CarrierConfig.apk)
com.android.carrierdefaultapp (CarrierDefaultApp.apk)
com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver (CellBroadcastReceiver.apk)
com.android.certinstaller (CertInstaller.apk)
com.android.contacts (SimcomContacts.apk)
com.android.cts.ctsshim (CtsShimPrebuilt.apk)
com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim (CtsShimPrivPrebuilt.apk)
com.android.defcontainer (DefaultContainerService.apk)
com.android.deskclock (DeskClock.apk)
com.android.dialer (SimDialer.apk)
com.android.documentsui (DocumentsUI.apk)
com.android.emergency (EmergencyInfo.apk)
com.android.externalstorage (ExternalStorageProvider.apk)
com.android.gallery3d (Gallery2.apk)
com.android.htmlviewer (HTMLViewer.apk)
com.android.inputdevices (InputDevices.apk)
com.android.keychain (KeyChain.apk)
com.android.launcher3 (SimLauncher.apk)
com.android.location.fused (FusedLocation.apk)
com.android.managedprovisioning (ManagedProvisioning.apk)
com.android.mms (Mms.apk)
com.android.mms.service (MmsService.apk)
com.android.mtp (MtpDocumentsProvider.apk)
com.android.music (Music.apk)
com.android.onetimeinitializer (OneTimeInitializer.apk)
com.android.packageinstaller (PackageInstaller.apk)
com.android.pacprocessor (PacProcessor.apk)
com.android.phone (TeleService.apk)
com.android.providers.blockednumber (BlockedNumberProvider.apk)
com.android.providers.contacts (ContactsProvider.apk)
com.android.providers.downloads (DownloadProvider.apk)
com.android.providers.media (MediaProvider.apk)
com.android.providers.settings (SettingsProvider.apk)
com.android.providers.telephony (TelephonyProvider.apk)
com.android.providers.userdictionary (UserDictionaryProvider.apk)
com.android.provision (Provision.apk)
com.android.proxyhandler (ProxyHandler.apk)
com.android.server.telecom (Telecom.apk)
com.android.settings (Settings.apk)
com.android.sharedstoragebackup (SharedStorageBackup.apk)
com.android.shell (Shell.apk)
com.android.sim (CIT.apk)
com.android.simnote (SimNote.apk)
com.android.statementservice (StatementService.apk)
com.android.stk (Stk.apk)
com.android.systemui (SystemUI.apk)
com.android.systemui.theme.dark (SysuiDarkThemeOverlay.apk)
com.android.webview (webview.apk)
com.blackberry.bide (BlackBerryBide.apk)
com.dsi.ant.server (AntHalService.apk)
com.dtinfo.tools (SystemFota.apk)
com.iqqijni.dv12key (Kika.apk)
com.qti.confuridialer (ConfURIDialer.apk)
com.qti.launcherunreadservice (LauncherUnreadService.apk)
com.qti.qualcomm.datastatusnotification (datastatusnotification.apk)
com.qualcomm.embms (embms.apk)
com.qualcomm.location (com.qualcomm.location.apk)
com.qualcomm.location.XT (xtra_t_app.apk)
com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel (qcrilmsgtunnel.apk)
com.qualcomm.qti.callfeaturessetting (CallFeaturesSetting.apk)
com.qualcomm.qti.ims (imssettings.apk)
com.qualcomm.qti.services.secureui (com.qualcomm.qti.services.secureui.apk)
com.qualcomm.qti.simsettings (SimSettings.apk)
com.qualcomm.qti.telephonyservice (QtiTelephonyService.apk)
com.qualcomm.qti.uceShimService (uceShimService.apk)
com.qualcomm.simcontacts (SimContacts.apk)
com.qualcomm.timeservice (TimeService.apk)
com.quicinc.cne.CNEService (CNEService.apk)
org.codeaurora.bluetooth (BluetoothExt.apk)
org.codeaurora.ims (ims.apk)

Gone are the packages that serve no purpose on a device like this: the call logger, the Wi-Fi login tool, the companion device manager, the android email client and MS Exchange package, calendar storage, quick search widget, the sound recorder, VPN tools, wallpaper tools, and the FM radio.

I guess my original comment vis-à-vis radio can be struck through as well:

Include an FM radio app perhaps? There is about 12 GB of free space on the device, so it would be great to use it for something.

Oh, well.

All in all, this is a positive thing. Any device touting itself as something for minimalists should be working to lower the number of apps and packages installed on said device.

…my experience

The booting is still fast. The device is still easy to use.

Calculator: Fixed

My complaints about the calculator are no longer valid. It works as it should now.

Since April, my little phone has not gone unnoticed. My students and a few others, are not sure if I am joking when I tell them that it is my phone.

New app: Personalization

It allows you to add your name to the lock screen. I find it useful.


I gave up with Pigeon. The delays for a message were too long. The scrolling was not as effortless as it should be.

Once again, they are aware of the problems, and there is a nice list of them available on their website.

The Bottommost line

75% — very good work overall, noticeable improvement has been made, keep up the good work!

Conclusion and Recommendations Revisited

What I said about the Punkt.MP02 still holds true. It is truly a device that I am happy to walk around with. My previous recommendations will now be reviewed:

Now that the calculator has been fixed, and I have used the device a while longer, I can add a few more recommendations:

You can or contact me if you wish to comment or propose a correction.