Coolpad Cool S

A phone I did not buy

Posted: 2022-11-30
Updated: 2024-04-14
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I am in the market for a new phone.

One of the phones I nearly purchased is the Coolpad Cool S.



That link isn’t right.

This is the Coolpad Cool S.

You might have noticed a striking similarity between these devices.

Look. See?

Phone comparison
Are you seeing it?

Moving on.

I did not buy that rectangle phone, nor did I buy the phone that is not that phone.

Why am I not saying the name of the phone that is not the Coolpad Cool S. Well, for one, they are not exactly the same. It looks like one has a bigger battery than the other. The other reason I don’t want to explicitly type out the name of the company that makes the phone that is not the Coolpad Cool S is because they are trying to take things in the right direction. They really are. If it gets people thinking outside of the Android/iOS box, that cannot be a bad thing.

You might have also seen a pricing difference. I was uncertain, so I did the math:

$$\because \newline 350 - 160 = 190 \newline \therefore \newline 350 > 160$$

Why pay more, right?

Moving on, iterum.

We are not all so na├»ve. I’m sure that many of you have seen a phone exactly like you own, but with a different logo on it. I have. It is abundantly clear that many OEMs sell us devices that they did not concoct in their secret labs. This is where ODMs come into play.

I only just learned about this in the last few hours. Clicking around the web, as one does at work, I came across an old-ish post on Reddit which linked to an article on Nokiamob.net which states that

“in 2019, some 9% of Samsung phones were designed by ODM companies, 17% of Huawei devices, 49% of LG devices, and most importantly 54% of Nokia devices. In 2020, the percentage rose and now some 22% of Samsung devices, 18% of Huawei, 74% of Xiaomi, 89% of Lenovo, and 88% of Nokia phones are designed outside of the house. This means that the brand OEM is just tuning the details, but companies like Wingtech is doing all the rest.”

Table comparing OEM to ODM showing rise in use of ODMs

After that, I thought I would look up one of the phones I was considering. It was as easy as heading over to GSMArena and using their “Phone Finder” tool to look up devices with the same processor, a fingerprint scanner on the side, a 48MP camera, etc. and poof, there it was: a near identical match the phone I was looking into purchasing.

Well. It pays to look around and do your research. I do hope that the next phone from the company that does not sell the Coolpad Cool S is worth the price they ask for it.

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