Adding Featured Images to My Hugo Blog

(the thing where you see a picture on social media, you know?)

Posted: 2023-01-02
Updated: 2024-04-13
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It is funny how little I understand the tools that make this blog work. Sure, I can (sort of) read HTML, and I can guess my way through CSS and JavaScript. But, when it came to making this blog, I just picked Hugo and stuck with it. I followed Mogwai’s Creating a simple.css Site with Hugo guide and pushed it to the web and called it a day. Then I followed another guide, Simone Silvestroni’s A human-readable RSS feed with Jekyll, in order to add a slightly different RSS feed to my page. Then, yet another guide for adding admonitions.

I would call it a Frankenblog, but that would imply that I am some sort of scientist who knows what’s going on. It is a lot of guesswork, and it is fun, and when I screw up there is CTRL+Z. The last guide mentioned above, on admonitions, is a good example of how things go for me. Do you think I knew what an admonition was before I happened across that blog post? No, I did not. And today it happened again, for I didn’t know what to call the “Featured Image” that appears on social media when I share my blog. I really didn’t care about it, and I still don’t, but it looks nice and turns out that once you know what you are looking for, the answers are out there.

I came across which is a tool to debug and generate meta tag code for any website. I plugged one of my blog entries into it and…

screenshot from showing a lack of featured images
missing something...

…it looks a little dull.

From there I searched and quickly found the guide “Adding meta tags in Hugo blog” by Erin Jeong. It turns out that was what my blog was missing: meta tags!

You can see for yourself that there isn’t much to it, and in my case I only needed to modify two files:

Here is the line added to head.html.

{{ if .Param "featured_image" }}<meta property="og:image" content="{{ .Param "featured_image" | absURL }}">{{ else }}<meta property="og:image" content="{{ $.Site.Params.Avatar | absURL }}">{{ end }}

Here is what I added to my config.toml

  avatar = "Avatar1024.png"

As an experiment, I modified an older post that already had images in it. Returning to the Meta Tags site, it now shows a “card” with an image. That is what I was hoping for.

screenshot from showing featured images on an article

Using post validation tools from LinkedIn and Facebook confirms that it should work!

Facebook post validation tool screenshot
Facebook Sharing Debugger

LinkedIn post validation tool screenshot
LinkedIn Post Inspector

(I decided to add the other meta tags to my blog while writing, for Twitter cards and Description)

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