Note to self: How to update PineTime

I'll still forget how to do this later

Posted: 2024-01-16
Updated: 2024-04-13
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The PineTime is great. I say this with some bias because it is the the only smartwatch I have ever used.

Long story short: after a year and change of use, the PineTime has not let me down. Updates have improved battery life and added new watch-faces. I am not a hacker so I cannot speak for the development capacities of this cheap little gadget.

Speaking of updates, without fail, I always forget how to update this thing. I get the files. I read the manpages. And, finally, I remember.

It isn’t complicated, though. It is clearly a me issue.

Get ITD and start the daemon

The InfiniTime Daemon can be found here:

I use Debian, but have used this daemon under other Linux distributions. Head over to the releases and snatch the file you need. For me, it was the .deb.

$ wget
$ sudo apt install ./itd-1.1.0-linux-x86_64.deb

Now it is time to turn off the Bluetooth connection with your phone.

Since I only need to connect to my PC for these updates, I will not “enable” this itd daemon permanently. As a regular user (not root) you can start and stop the service with these commands:

$ systemctl --user start itd
$ systemctl --user stop itd

If Bluetooth is active and working on your laptop, you should get some sort of prompt asking you for a passkey. On my computer it looks like this:

It wants my digits

Now you need to get the new firmware and resources.

Get InfiniTime firmware and flash it

You can grab necessary files from the InfiniTime releases page. You will need two files.

As of writing, the current release is v. 1.14 “Quince Fruit”:

$ wget
$ wget

I don’t know if there is a specific order to do this, but the last few times I have started by installing the file, then flashed the firmware. These are the two little commands I always forget:

$ itctl res load
$ itctl firmware upgrade -a 

Remember to read any prompts and follow instructions and your PineTime will be up-to-date.

You can or contact me if you wish to comment or propose a correction.