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Posted: 2024-05-09
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Introducing Your Future

Humans of earth.

I have an announcement to make.

I am going to be a musician.

Now, just to be completely upfront with you, I don’t know how to play any instruments or sing


But, imagine if I could. Music has the power to change the world. I could bring about peace, I could raise awareness, I could save our planet for future generations. And you can be a part of this!

What do I need from you?

Despite being entirely non-profit, I need your patience and support while I learn music theory and train. I also need your financial support to pay my rent and my bills. Your investment will fund my travels as I learn the world’s languages and appropriate plagiarize study their musical and cultural contributions. Funds will also be used to purchase the required instruments and materials. Environmental costs are negligible because they will be offset (in the future) by the good I will bring to the world.

How long will this take?

How long are your legs?

What I want to do is what the world wants and needs. So, the timeline for this is not set in stone, but we have a rough estimate:

This means that by or around 2050 I will be able to produce something that can save the world.

Possible Problems

Exciting Opportunities

Partnering with me is one of the greatest opportunities the world has ever seen. You can increase the value of your brand. Here are just a few examples of how you can help yourself.

Final Words

I’m hoping to grow into an institution. As a non-profit, my aim is to build value for everyone rather than a group of rich white guys.

If you too dream of a future and imagine a shared world of people living for today, in peace, with no fear or hunger, I hope some day you’ll join me, and the world will live as one.

Show your support and save the future, today!

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